Money makes the world go ’round

Money makes the world go ’round
: View from Iran — the weblog by the Iranian/American couple in Iran — writes about money and the Islamic revolution. Money is destroying the people of Cuba. Money is destroying the people of Korea. Money is the issue in Iran:

Since the revolution, I have heard, money has become more important.

  • ken

    The “two personalities” referred to in her most recent post reminds me a little of Salaam Pax’s earlier discussion of the Iraqis’ dual modes … the rhetorical voice and the real voice.

  • who in iran can afford to take a taxi?? bizarre!

  • Here in Iraq every citizen was provided -since the early days of the regime- with a whole set of lies that gradually became the foundation on which you would build your perceptions of the world outside.
    Consequently you end up with two channels, a

  • hell-dweller

    Mullahs versus Pinheads
    In Iran the mullahs steal the money and in America the pinheads waste the money.