Media last

Media last
: Just a few last notes from the media confab.

: Adrian Van Klaveren, head of newsgathering for the BBC, says regarding the Kelly affair, “The BBC is confident that our position will be vindicated.” Surprise, surprise. He has the sputtering demeanor of an embattled Washington aide.

: There a dust-up over a BBC film about the rescue of Jessica Lynch. The BBC reporter, John Kampfner, says he stands by the report. Members of the audience take him to task.

: The BBC is acting like the cocky powerful clique in its last days in power but unaware that the click is ticking.

: Sidney Blumenthal insists that many members of the Bush White House, partidularly Chaney, are secretly rooting for Tony Blair to be kicked out.

: Eric Alterman asks an irksome question at the end: “We can all agree that truth is very important. But the American people don’t care about truth. They care more about results.” A lady in the audience gashs about shouts: “Not true.” Amen, lady. If your own audience doesn’t care about the truth, why write for them, Eric. That’s essentially insulting to the entire damned nation. And it’s wrong.