War-mongering Americans’ left-over bomb explodes

War-mongering Americans’ left-over bomb explodes
: Left-over from WWII, that is. [via PapaScott]

  • John Anderson

    As I’ve pointed out to the “Where are the WMD’s” crowd, we may find them circa 2085 and I cannot get all that worked up about it – except for worryinh that whoever finds anything will have trouble: at least most of the yellow-cake discs that were being worn as jewelry a while back have ben recovered.
    I am terrible at Google searches, and cannot find the cite now so don’t much use it, can anyone else rescue it? It was probably in a Japanese (but English-language) paper, but the only one I can think of is “Japan today” and can’t find it there. The story: re-opening old nomn-avoidance tunnels in the palace/government grounds for possible use in subway expansion, a stock of WWII munitions was found about two months ago (May/June 2003). Now, this was an ammo-dump established in dangerous proximity to the Emperor, the Emperor remained in power, hundreds if not thousands of people knew of it, it was not deliberately hidden, an accident could have decapitated the government which was/is enthusiastically supported by the people, documents must have existed, yet it remained “lost” for sixty years. Sod’em admitted hiding chemical weapons in places like abandoned railroad tunnels: he claimed to have destroyed them later, but provided no documentstion of such destruction or even of where such caches were established so that it could at least be determined they are no longer there, if not actually verify destruction. Yet people still yammer about no WMD having been found in almost four whole months!
    If someone knows of a cite, please EMail it to me. Pretty please? With sugar on top?