How convenient

How convenient
: The mullahs are shutting down Tehran University’s campus from July 7-14, which just so conveniently carries it over the crucial date of July 9 and its planned demonstrations.

  • John

    Wouldn’t that make the city the background for the demonstrations rather than the university?

  • Walt

    Hey all Tehran University students!!.
    Since you aren’t going to classes anyway on the 9th, why don’t you come out and demonstrate with the rest of us?

  • That’s a very astute observation. There are literally thousands of spots to demonstrate. One can take a cue from the protesters in San Francisco several months ago and figure out good spots.

  • T. Hartin

    In the US, when the University types want to gin up a demonstration (against, say, liberating Iraq), the first thing they do is cancel classes. So in Iran, when some fathead mullah wants to squash a demonstration, the first thing he does is . . . cancel classes? Seems to me the mullahs would be better off scheduling exams.