Bozo driver of the day: NJ MKR 635

Bozo driver of the day: NJ MKR 635
: I’m initiating a new feature: The Bozo Driver of the Day. Everytime I see a bozo driver, I’ve decided I’ll give the guy the attention he so urgently desires right here. If you all do that, too, look what we can create: a dynamic, nationwide Bozo data base. It’s not unlike my dynamic weblog Consumer Reports: Just say “BrandX sucks” and whenever people search Google for that combination of words, they’ll find warnings from fellow consumers. (My most recent: Expedia sucks and Sears sucks). Soon, you can Google your own license plate and see whether you’ve been busted by the blog cops.

So today’s Bozo Driver of the Day is a BMW driver. Of course. BMW drivers are, as a breed, Bozos. They are the true target market for those penis-enlarger spams.

This morning on I-78, this Bozo kept rushing my tail (though I could go no faster, since I was behind traffic). Then, showing all the strategic acumen of a stock analyst, he would swerve into the right lane in hopes of passing me us that way, though there was more and slower traffic in that lane. Thus, he went nowhere, except swerving back into my lane behind me again and again. He never learns.

So you know who you are, beemer boy with your shaved head and too-cool sunglasses. You are the Bozo Driver of the Day.

  • Jim C.

    This reminded me of the defunct “Highway 17 Page of Shame”. Here’s an article about it.

  • PD

    Prolly on his cell phone, too.
    I LIKE your grassroots Consumer Reports! Very funny and inventive! A five-star idea! You should promote this in some fashion – I have no doubt it would take off.

  • A bit of “German braking” might have taught him a lesson, assuming there was no one close behind him.