July 9: Supporting democracy in Iran

Iranbutton.jpgJuly 9: Supporting democracy in Iran
: Andrew Sullivan started it: He urged webloggers to show support for the popular democratic movement in Iran, leading up to July 9 and planned demonstrations there.

Many of us have been linking to Iranian webloggers to learn, to share the learning, and to show support.

To make this more tangible, I think we need to set two goals:

1. Support: We webloggers — from the U.S., Britain, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Russia, Iraq, anywhere, from the left and from the right — read, quote, link to, promote, and create connections with Iranian webloggers to show our support and to build bridges. Find links to a number of fine weblogs here and here and also here.

Iransmall.jpg2. News: We create such a popular groundswell on the Internet that it can’t be ignored and major media end up writing stories about the Iranian democracy movement, the young people and webloggers who are supporting it (especially from within), and the support they are getting from international webloggers without. To make that more visible, I created these buttons; please copy them and put them on your weblogs.

It’s a small step but it beats invading. (Sorry, just a little American imperialist humor… See my post directly below.)

This uses the power we have: our links.

: And if someone who has real aesthetics and ability wants to design other buttons, please have at it!