The Jessica Lynch story

The Jessica Lynch story
: The Washington Post does an admirable job of trying to cut through bombast and slant to know what is known about the story of Pfc. Jessica Lynch.

  • The Zymurgist

    It would be nice if they’d do this BEFORE they report whatever crap they can dredge up from “unnamed” and “anonymous” sources. Inevitably, even if dubiously, these completely inaccurate first reports get turned into “Bush lied about the rescue to promote the war” by the usual suspects.
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  • boo

    abc has an even better version of the lynch story:

  • wow that was a really good artical. i found it much more informative than the sporadic soundbites from the tv news. it makes it clearer how the ‘fog of war’ can cause the truth to spin out of control either through honest miscommunication or as a tool. in fact, it’s kind a cathartic tale in the end, proving to be what everyone suspected it might be: more reality than hollywood.

  • catherine

    I read this a few days ago and what I appreciated about it was the detail and thoroughness. It cut ever angle. All reporting should be this thorough.