Rent this face

Rent this face
: Steve Hall’s AdRants reports that a Portland pizzeria is hiring homeless people to advertise. They were sitting on the street doing nothing; now they’re sitting on the street doing nothing while holding a placard advertising pizza. It says, “Pizza Schmizza paid me to hold this sign instead of asking for money.” And they get paid in pizza.

Apart from the brand message (pizza for the homeless… smelly pizza…?) it’s a good enough idea.

Of course, a Naderite group protests that they should be paid minimum wage (what if they get pepperoni?) and that this is ad clutter (seems to me they’re calling the homeless human clutter, then).

: As I was driving home tonight, I saw a guy with a URL painted on the back of his car. Turned out to be for professional wrestling.

I was thinking of getting a board for the top of my car with my URL. Bet it would increase traffic.

Advertising works.