Posts from June 1, 2003

Fly naked

ynakedair-010.jpgFly naked
: Back on Dec. 22, 2001, after a homicidal lunatic tried to blow up a plane with his shoe — causing millions of Americans to have to stink up airports with foot odor while their shoes are made radioactive — I said the only surely safe way to handle air travel in the future was to fly naked.

Well, it has happened and here is the proof: Naked Air, the no-frills airline.

The idea sounds better than it looks.

And the revolution begins

And the revolution begins
: Salam Pax finds free Internet access in Baghdad:

Ya Allah have mercy on our souls. The old state owned Internet center in Adil district has been taken over by anarchists and they are offering internet access for FREE….

The people who used to work there opened the center 4 days ago; you can have an hour of internet for as little as 2000dinars. Take that you greedy sharks. The center is very well equipped, they put together 30 of their best computers and have a very good connection (ok so 30 computers in a city of 5 million is nothing, but it is a start). They even got military protection. The people who work their got a couple of soldiers from the nearest army checkpoint to take a look, the officer asked if it was OK for his men to check on their emails and stuff. The reaction the first couple of guys who came in was a very amazed