We’re in for a treat

We’re in for a treat
: Longtime readers of mine will know that I’m a big fan of Rossi (just Rossi); I linked to all her pieces on 9.11; they all displayed strong voice and perspective and wisdom.

Rossi also writes about food and about her amazing life (Jewsweek ran a great piece about the time her parents dumped her on a Hasidic doorstep in hopes they could detangle this frizzy teen).

She has been writing her memoirs but has had a helluva time finding a publisher.

So now she’s making the big mistake of following advice I gave here the other day and she’s going to post her memoirs for us to read — and this is the important part — in hopes that a wise publisher will spot this new talent and great voice and decide to print it in old-fashioned paper for the world to read.

I’ll tell you when Chapter 1 goes up. You will enjoy.