Nonstory on a real story

Nonstory on a real story
: There’s a little linkfest here and there today today on a reheated Guardian story that insinuates that the rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch wasn’t real, that it was only staged for the cameras. The essential point is that the military wasn’t there and so we didn’t need all those soldiers and guns and helicopters and night vision — and courage — to get her.

Well, that’s patent bull.

Remember back to that early stage in the war, when loyalists and snipers and soldiers were, of course, still everywhere.

Were we supposed to just walk in without soldiers and guns and helicopters — and courage — and check her out? Of course not. What we sent in was prudent and necessary and, yes, it was a rescue and, yes, it did take courage.

Don’t believe it? Why don’t you try to go to Baghdad even today and tell me how safe you feel.