Blog of America

Blog of America
: The U.S. State Department (like Iran’s mullahs) has noticed that the Internet matters in Iran. So it just started Persian-language web site. Colin Powell sends a message to the people:

Our differences are not with the Iranian people. Instead, it is the

Iranian government’s decisions to support terrorism, to pursue weapons

of mass destruction, and to deny human rights to the people of Iran

that are the obstacles to improved relations between our two


At the core of U.S. policy is the conviction that people everywhere

should enjoy freedom. The United States wants to see a democratic and

prosperous Iran, integrated into the global economy. I look forward to

the day that Iran takes its rightful place in the family of nations.

Our two cultures have so much to offer each other.

Wonder how long it will take the mullahs to block this site, too. [via Kaveh]