People’s Mujahidin

People’s Mujahidin
: There was much discussion (below) on American negotiation with the MKO or People

  • jeff,
    i have a question. if i try hard i might understand that the US wants to keep its options open by striking a deal with this group.
    but why don’t politicians in washington try to strike a deal with the real people of iran living in that country instead of a bunch of loosers outside iran who claim to represent iranians?
    even if they are sincere in their cause, they have lost the realities of the country. i cannot speak on behalf of all iranians, but as one voice, it seems to me certian people (whether in iran or outside the country) have become disproportionately vocal. but it shouldnt be hard to read between the line … on a second thought it is difficult sometime to read between the line.
    you’re doing a great job in bringing these issues up.

  • “The United States considers the Mujahedin Khalq a terrorist group and bombed its bases in the first stages of the latest Iraq war. But in recent weeks, U.S. forces have taken a softer line on Mujahedin Khalq fighters.”
    Shoot first and ask questions later?
    Hooman, I don’t think the US will overtly try to aid a subversive group inside another country.

  • Soren Ryherd

    Now if we could only stop from covertly helping subervise groups inside other countries…