Big-brain blogs

Big-brain blogs
: As blogs get hotter, more well-known people are taking them on.

I’m impressed with the new blog by Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay. Technology maven Esther Dyson has a new blog as well (so far, Omidyar’s has more to say).

Note that both of them don’t mention their last names. I’m not sure whether that’s humility or the opposite. Come on, folks, you’re not Chers.

A couple of presidential candidates (or their agents) have blogs. Dave Barry has a blog.

I’m glad they’re blogging, for I think this will open a new window on the brains of some big thinkers. Of course, they’ll be more guarded than your average unemployed blogger. But still, the advantage of blogging is that you dash off your thoughts and thus, I think, a blog is a truer indication of someone’s thinking than an over-edited essay.

I’m starting to make my list of other big thinkers (whether you like them or not) I want to see in our blogosphere: Jeff Bezos… Rupert Murdoch… Bill Clinton… Rudy Guliani… Howard Stern…

Who else?

: Clay Shirky was on my list of smart people I wanted to blog. I tried to argue him into it and failed. But somebody was clearly better at arguing than I am, for he’s not part of Corante’s newest group blog.

: Hoder points out that Omidyar is yet another Iranian blogger!

: Leave your nominations for other big-brainers who should be blogging in the comments…

  • Thomas

    Camilla Paglia has been suggested by a number of folks, I’d think it would be great.

  • * Alan Greenspan (think he’d be “guarded”?)
    * writer Anne Lamott (used to have one…Salon?… I think it’s defunct)
    * writer Connie Willis
    * John Cleese

  • Pyecraft

    You’re attempting humour again Jeff, right?
    OK then, Yasser Arafat.

  • I think I’m the one you’re assuming argued better than you. :-) But in fact, what I did was offer him the opportunity to walk into a preconstructed environment, with other people to carry some of the weight. I suspect it was the low barriers to entry (nothing to set up…just log in an post), and the shared responsibility that made the difference.
    That, and the fact that so many people have been after him for so long to do this. It’s like opening the jar after an army of people have already loosened it for you.

  • button

    Jeff, sorry to seem finicky, but in the Clay Shirky part of the entry, your syntax is not communicating clearly and appears to have gotten possibly inverted.
    [Yeah, I know– “That’s what we have editors for.”
    Bug off, creep!]
    Fortunately, weblogs are syntax self-healing,too.

  • Jeff Vick

    wanna find the brains? For some of the most insightful and clever writing on the web today look below the surface…

  • Steve Teeter

    I’m surprised Arthur Clarke doesn’t already have one.

  • Michael

    Stewart Brand – I’ve missed his regular (quarterly, pre-internet)
    musings ever since he gave up publishing the Co-Evolution Quarterly.
    During the late 90’s at least there was his GBN book
    reviews but he’s retreated further.

  • Kelly

    Could anyone convince Christopher Hitchens and Bernard Lewis?

  • ditariel by Bill Whittle. Literally a master essayist.
    Mrs duToit. Somethin’ ’bout ‘er…