: I didn’t care for George Bush and it was so obvious my kids could tell. I didn’t vote for him and likely won’t again. I disagree with him about most of his agenda.

I also was not sure about this war some months ago; I fretted about it.

But I have to say that Bush and his team executed this war brilliantly. I have no problem saying that this was a right war to fight for a right cause and they fought it well.

So I was impressed with Bush’s speech tonight on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln (more impressed, by the way, than Glenn Reynolds, who’s not as far right as many think but who’s surely to the right of me).

It was the speech of a leader. He did not gloat but he did show a firm and clear direction.

There will be controversy over some things he said, of course. Yes, he all but linked Iraq to 9.11 but, you know, it’s not a far stretch in the minds of most Americans and for a reason: Looney fanatics from over there who hate us are birds of a feather. And there was a time in my life when I would have found the idea of smarter bombs to be distasteful, but now that I see the necessity of a war like this, even as I mourn the lives that are lost, I’m thankful for those that are not.

I’m still a liberal. I’m still not a Bushy. But give the man his due: He won the war against Iraq; right won the war against wrong. Well done.