A revolution starts with one blog

A revolution starts with one blog
: Hossein Derakhshan, aka Hoder, runs the Iranian weblog Editor:Myself where he not only has been reporting on the arrest of Iranian weblogger Sina Motallebi (and today he recalls witnessing the repression of free speech in Iran first-hand), but I now learn that he also practically single-handedly started the Iranian blogging revolution.

A fellow blogger named Khodadad wrote an article about Hoder and the start of Iranian weblogs:

It all started when an article appeared in a popular Iranian news site, written by a twenty something former Iranian journalist, a refugee of the shut-down reformist newspapers in Iran, who lived in Canada. He had discovered the format of blogging, and manipulated the latest common operating system to write blogs in Persian. In a few simple paragraphs, he explained what web-logs are, and how he had managed to created a template that allowed one to use the Unicode system to write Persian. He was perhaps hoping that a few Iranians would pick up the lead and make a presence in the world of web-logging. Well, he was right about

  • KC

    I think that having weblogs in Iraq would be an excellent idea. Hell, just setting up places where the population can use the Internet without any “minders” watching would be great. Providing outlets to the rest of the free world is about the easiest way to modernize the people there. Every person there doesn’t have to like Western culture, but the important thing is that every person there has the choice.

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    Just posted an entry about this on my blog. Refer to “ALL-FACTION CONFERENCE.”