How low can spam go?

How low can spam go?
: I just go my first spam “from” Iraq in the Nigerian spam tradition: “This transaction is now only known by you, myself and my old sick mother.”

… and a million other victims of your sick, criminal trespass.

  • Those are indeed annoying.
    However, look at it this way. The only people to fall for those scams are both stupid AND amoral for believing they can help steal millions from other governments.
    It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone who gets caught up in that.

  • rita

    May I suggest a look at
    The people who get taken are only a tenth as stupid and one squidzillionth as amoral as those perpetrating those scams.
    Scroll down to Spring 2002. I can highly recommend the plastic fishing worms story.
    and, kids, don’t try this at home…