Bearing all

Bearing all
: Well, a little discreet nudity certainly got the Dixie Chicks lots of coverage.

The flash of flesh didn’t hurt my old magazine, Entertainment Weekly, either.

A hint of nudity certainly goosed Gawker’s traffic.

And my own audience is asking me when I’m going to follow (birthday) suit (see the comments here).

So who am I to deny my public? Who am I to pass up a cheap joke? Who am I not to use any stupid trick for traffic?

Herewith the cover of my next magazine…

: Update: I concede defeat. This is far funnier. [via the comments]

  • Pyecraft

    I’d have preferred not to have seen this cover, but as its obviously an idea whose time has unstoppably arrived, one question arises, or, er almost does.
    Why do you have triumphalist boney tattoed on your limpist wrist, old manhen? Shucks, I shudda knowed you’d be one o’dem lefties.

  • dc

    “Moore” on the Naked-Protest tip. Ha ha. Puns are great.
    Permalinks aren’t working, it should be the top post. Look for the big pasty poorly Photoshopped torso.

  • That wasn’t funny. It was frightening.

  • *must claw out eyes*

  • Danjo

    what a great appetite suppresant.
    M. Moore, the other white meat.

  • They did the same thing on Conan last night, except it was just a big peace symbol on Moore’s belly.

  • Balbulican

    Speaking as a middle aged overweight greying white male, I want to say that any step anyone…Michael Moore included…wants to take to make middle aged overweight greying white males into sex objects is fine by me.