Those wacky Frenchmen

Those wacky Frenchmen
: From the world of sports:

A French soccer player who celebrated a goal by stripping his shirt and putting his hand down his shorts was fired Tuesday by his Turkish team….

“It was not against anyone. It was just a private sign of joy,” Nouma said.

  • Pyecraft

    A very private sign, judging by his need to go search for it. What was in his other hand, a magnifying glass?

  • stevy

    I’ve seen frenchmen do perform this ritual many times. It’s a preliminary to thumb-sucking.

  • Danjo

    I for one am shocked. If they allow this on the soccer pitch, than they might as well allow incest, bigamy and the random eating of cheese-whiz on the fields. The crazy Turks have riots over soccer games in the past, do we want to give them excuses.
    Upset because I never score

  • Tatterdemalian

    “If you’re happy and you know it, pull your pud…”