Our wild and crazy poster!

Our wild and crazy poster!
: I’ve said before that I love my comments. There are lots of good (and a few pissy) discussions going on there; so many, I can’t read them all (though I do try).

One of the current joys is a guy calling himself Puce who comes out with doozies that are the product of (a) bad Babelfish, (b) missed medication, or (c) indigestion, for this guy has an obvious obsession with fast food.

I think I should make some of these into T-shirts.

Herewith, the best of Puce:

: Baseballs is for not world, USA cowards putting chain on all. No chain, AMERICA

: Geneva Convantion make USA soldier of angry, kill babie and the TV reporter!

: Tobey Keith make boot from cowsboy as in to boot of Hitlers!

: Shut up George Bucher! You are Bush as much in Bush type, stop all war NOW

: Keep away George Bush, can having not American all kill childs and starting Pizza Hutts!

: It as what vasili to saying! Why all of American want Kentacky Fry Chicken in Baghdad? Make statue fallen, is not a way to have!

: No Whooper with freedomfrys! Go away Americans and stop war.

: Eat other an Hamberger, fat Americans GO AWAY!