Terrorist cops plea

Terrorist cops plea
: James Ujaama, Seattle activist, was accused of aiding the Taliban.

Here’s what the Freedom Socialist Party said on his behalf last year:

The James Ujaama case is an example of guilt by association, racism in the Justice Department, and the criminalization of skin color, ethnicity and national origin by the Bush administration.

Here’s what James Ujaama’s attorney said yesterday:

“He’s acknowledged his personal responsibility for the facts that are stated in the plea agreement,” Offenbecher said. “He stepped up to the plate and said, ‘I did these things and I regret them.’ “

Further details of what he did:

According to yesterday’s plea documents, Ujaama traveled to Pakistan in late 2000 to help an unidentified conspirator travel to jihad training camps in Afghanistan. Ujaama also delivered currency, computer software and other items to the Taliban in 2000 and 2001, and helped operate a Web site that solicited support for the Afghan leadership, documents show.

Ujaama initially drew support from a wide range of community leaders in Seattle, where he had been known as a community activist and small-time entrepreneur who was honored with a day of recognition by one state legislator.