Who vs. whom

Who vs. whom
: Matthew Perris has a doozy of a column in the Times of London arguing that the world should gang up against the U.S.

Yesterday the leaders of Russia, Germany and France met in St Petersburg to talk about the future. They carried with them worries about America shared by many other nations, large and small: Canada, China, New Zealand, Sweden, India, South Africa …

Let’s get this straight: They worry about us? Not about North Korea and its nukes? Not about lunatic Muslim fundamentalists who have waged attacks not just in America? Not about Palestinians who will turn their own children into human bombs?… My list can go on, too. This is one screwy weltanschauung.

His kicker’s even funnier:

…the day is coming when the UN must ask whether it is appropriate for its headquarters to remain in New York, whether it is appropriate to act as stretcher-bearers for US imperialism