More war humor

More war humor
: You can’t make this up. Anita Roddick, queen of cheap (but still utterly useless) cosmetics, gives us another nude war protest:

Like mother, like daughter. My youngest, Sam, never stops surprising me with her creative radicalism. Outside her erotic boutique Coco de Mer in London last month, she organized a naked street protest against the war.

The theme was “liberate yourself from political bondage” and featured strippers and other sex workers wearing only gas masks and body paints and stencils, delivering a powerful guerrilla street performance against war in Iraq. For two hours before the performance, the streets around the shop in Covent Garden were jammed with activists, and curious onlookers.

Hehe. Yeah, curious. They’re called gawkers.

“The buzz on the street was fantastic, people were cheering and shouting support the traffic was piled up and beeping their horns at us…”

Coco de Mer organized the event with the Belles of Shoreditch, a collaboration of strippers from the East-End (London) pub culture, and the International Union of Sex Workers.

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