Self-hating Americans

Self-hating Americans
: In the Jerusalem Post, Daniel Pipes and Jonathan Calt Harris report that Prof. Nicholas De Genova isn’t the only Columbia faculty member who is a “self-hating American.” There’s quite a dirty laundry list. They conclude: “This self-hatred points to an intellectual crisis at a school long considered one of the country’s best.”

  • americanstreet

    An unspoken theme in all this anti-war noise: war (brutal, necessary, etc.) forces observers of it onto spiritual ground. Real spiritual ground. Ground where you have to confront the reality of death. Ground where you have to confront aspects of life beyond death. This is not ground atheists, hardened or of the juvenile variety, or just the usual fuzzy new age and related types, want to be put on.

  • Thomas J. Jackson

    Since when has Columbia University been a bastion of liberty or justice? I rather take my children to Valley Forge, West Point or Gettysburg to see where men actually fought to defend their freedoms and principles rather than Coumbia whish succors incubi, who seek to destroy this country.