Oh, no, don’t tell me he’s coming back here?!?

Oh, no, don’t tell me he’s coming back here?!?
: More late-breaking Geraldo news. Now CNN says he’s leaving voluntarily rather than being kicked out. I’m a little surprised; he was brown-nosing the soldiers so much you’d think they’d hire him on as a flack; he antimatter to Peter Arnett’s matter; he turned himself into the Arnett on our side. But he didn’t follow orders. So he’s shipping out. KP for Geraldo. Clean those spuds, soldier, we’re making ourselves some freedom fries!

  • Danjo

    As I was channel surfing, seen some MSNBC reporter stating, “Yeah, but Rivera was kicked out of Iraq and he worked for Fox.”
    Arnett, I feel, is actually a brainwashed (And I don’t mean against his will) anti-free world spokesman.
    Rivera, I think was just stupid.
    Just my opinion. Both deserve what they got. I geuss there is no minimum IQ for being a journalist. (Nor, I admit to posting to blogs, hah, beat ya to it!)