Now this is war…

Now this is war…
: The Times of London translates a Le Monde poll that says…

…only a third of the French felt that they were on the same side as the Americans and British, and that another third desired outright Iraqi victory over

  • Rob

    At least we’re finding out who our friends are. France is doing what it thinks is in it’s best interest.
    In the future when Ali drives a truck bomb into the Eiffel Tower, we’ll be sure to condemn the incident in the strongest terms.
    Then we’ll be putting all of our military bases in Poland and Spain on high alert.
    Thank God for the Brits.

  • Cheryl

    I think you forget that France has an arab population living there in France too. I’m sure they are the ones that vandalized the memorial.
    And someone my bomb the Eiffel Tower but it’s more likely some arab will suicide bomb the US again or US Embassy. France is sure to think we had it coming next time, in fact the most of world is likely to think we deserved it.

  • Woodland Critter

    As I recall the proverb:
    And he who sows discord in his own house,
    shall inherit the wind.

  • Hey Jeff,
    I say BS and distorted interpretation by the Brits and now some dear American bloggers who swallow everything our neighbors say. This Le Monde poll shows that 25% of the people polled feel “more on the side of Iraq” . They never say they want this swine of Saddam to win. I suspect some of them feel the Iraqi people are unfairly attacked and identify better with them than with the coalition soldiers. I know, I know. Details on the poll are here:
    Anyway, the French Prime minister was alarmed enough to call the French not to get confused and not to grow anti-american sentiment because France wants the victory of democraty in Iraq.
    I’m tired of this shit. So many things Chirac said got distorded, misquoted, and now this. But But there’s hope: I prepared crepes tonight for my beloved American husband and we’re getting ready to watch you and Glenn on CNN!

  • What do you make of this: “Spokesman for French center right party Union pour la Democratic Francais (UDF) Francois Brown said here Monday that US and British attack on Iraq is totally illegitimate and illegal…” Note, however, that that’s from an interview with the friendly folks at Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency.

  • Stephen M. St. Onge

    I must say, I find Emmanuelle’s comment interesting. So, 25% of the French public “feel more on the side of Iraq”, but they don’t want Saddam to win? So, what do they want? Saddam to lose. Am I to suppose that the 34% who feel more on the side of the U.S. want us to lose?
    The ranks with Bill Cosby’s great subway routine, “Incoherency.” Or the Foreign Minister the other day refusing to say who he wanted to win.

  • Richard A. Heddleson

    If France didn’t want Saddam to win,
    Why did they sell so many arms to him
    Why did they negotiate 1441 in bad faith?
    Why did they work over African UNSC members to vote against the 18th resolution?
    Why did they decline Blair’s proposal before Iraq did?
    Why did they lean on Turkey to prevent American troops from transitting Turkey?
    If the French objective is not to see Saddam win then it must be to see the anglo saxons lose. Small difference to me.

  • OK, I detail a little bit my thoughts here with a picture of Jeff and Glenn on TV as a bonus. They were great!
    I know, I know and I understand why Americans are so pissed off. I don’t agree with Chirac on a lot of things but, to focus on the poll itself: again, I find it dishonnest to interpret “25% of the French lean toward Irak” or “are more for Irak than for the coalition” as “One third of the French desire outright Iraqi victory over

  • Gary Utter

    Ahhhhh, folks, bear in mind that 25% of AMERICANS feel more on Iraqs side than the US.
    There’s no need to be angry at the French PEOPLE, from the sound of this poll, thier feelings are not a lot different than those of Americans, percentage wise.
    Of course, they ARE French. :)

  • Markku Nordstrom, New York/Helsinki

    Emmanuelle: At some point, you just have to take a stand. I did. As a Finnish-born American (with still a lot of sentimental good will towards Finland), I find Finnish anti-Americanism appalling.
    Finland has lost its moral compass. If they can’t see what the issues are about – simply because they’re jealous of the preponderance of American cultural influence in Europe, or, to put it more succinctly, because they are afraid that the social democratic model Europeans have come to champion supposedly is threatened by American-style free-market economics, – if that is what Finland, and Europe, are fretting about, then they can all go to hell.
    I will always choose America first. No hesitation. I cannot trust Europe’s judgement. I don’t understand why they feel compelled to be benevolent to Islamofascism (other than some quite perverted notions of attraction to the “Other”).
    Time to take a stand. I stand by America.

  • Liberty Belle

    Markku Nordstrom is correct and Emmanuelle is an apologist for whatever is France’s foreign policy du jour. If her mother can’t understand the issues, then I’m afraid she hasn’t been paying attention or she missed out on the famous French “logic” gene at birth or she’s allowed herself to become brainwashed by the appeaseniks. None of the three gives us any reason to be intersted in what she can or can’t understand.
    Europe has lost its moral compass, which is why it is dying on its feet. Coziness and social programmes and non-confrontation are all. Confrontation, individualism and self-reliance are dangerous to the state. Individual liberty to carve out one’s own destiny is subverted to the cause of everyone being levelled down to the lowest level. Success is sneered at. As President George Bush memorably and wittily noted: the French don’t have a word for entrepreneur. America (and by extension, the Anglo-Saxon ethos in general – most citizens who are not genetically Anglo Saxon think along the same lines as the majority)is too robust for French taste and that of the most of the rest of Europe. American optimism and energy are sneered at as somehow being infra dig, rather than being admired for their daring.
    Europe’s turned its face to the wall. America turns its face to the sun. The Anglo Saxons will win this war whether France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and the rest of the vapid third-raters will it or not.

  • benoit

    > As President George Bush memorably and wittily
    > noted: the French don’t have a word for
    > entrepreneur.
    It could be memorable, but not in the way intended by your post. “entrepreneur” is actually a french word.
    [French, from Old French, from |entreprendre|, to undertake. See enterprise.]
    Your confusion is even more bizarre since you seem to use a french e-mail adress.
    BTW, for those who don’t understand how people feel there, you may be interested by this article.

  • tom

    Umm, the fact that “entrepeneur” IS a french word is what makes that comment a witticism. Surely you find it amusing, or don’t the French have a word for “bon mot”, either?
    But please don’t ask me why the chicken crossed thr road.

  • Oussar

    I am French and proud of it,I ‘m a USA fan and proud of it too,I also love Brittons except their food….
    It’s true that it’s incredible what’s goin’ on round here??….maybe some have forgotten who is who….but not on my name …I don’t like President Bush cause I have another image of what the USA are and must still be even of the 9/11 nightmare….The least we can do is wave to each others…..

  • Liberty Belle

    Tom, very funny. Witty, even! Benoit, thank you for your leaden etymological explanation of entrepreneur. As Tom wrote, it is the fact that entrepreneur IS a French word which made the comment witty. The reason the French do not excel at wordplay (including understanding it, apparently) is their language is inflexible, lacking the malleability of English. This could explain Marcel Marceau.

  • horst obst

    why do you defend the frenchs? i mean, this article says exactly what the world thinks, but few dare to say. wake up! this war is lost already. even if the coalitition techically wins it.

  • Re: the original poll, a source at Le Monde tells me that the questions was: “In tis conflict, do you feel rather on the side of the U.S. and the U.K. …/… or rather on the sidel of Irak”. 34% of the people polled answered “rather on the side of the U.S. “, 25% “rather on the side of Iraq”; 31% answered “none of them” even though this answer was not suggested and 10% didn’t answer.”
    Again, this doesn’t sound like the strong and radical support of Saddam the British newspaper suggested.
    As for taking a stand, I wish reality were more simple: some people suggest that I’m torn about this war because of my genetic handicap or because I’m in the darkness, far from the sun of Truth. I’m glad other people feel more comfortable about this war and rally 100% behind Bush on this one. He will need your support!

  • Lloyd

    Emmanuelle, hang in there sweetheart! I must say I agree with Liberty Belle, tho you make good (and actually encouraging) points on the poll. All I know is that I’m all in favor of enticing lovely, sensible eurolasses into the arms of American men like your hubby and my brother.

  • Lloyd

    BTW, interesting that Matt has comments on his blog. Whatsa matta with that guy?

  • Rob

    As a Brit in Paris – the French have always double-dealt and swindled. That is the bad side of what they are.
    But take a look at the GOOD side. Art, architecture, beauty, food, (real) freedom of expression, very little censorship… not to mention philosophy, literature, etc., etc.
    They perceive the US as arrogant, Bush as a moron and the Brits as America’s poodle. They also resent the threat to their language and culture.
    I don’t actually like them very much to be honest. For one thing they are pretty xenophobic on the whole – that’s why they have such integration problems with their vast Arab populations. They are pompous and self-important. Living here as a foreigner is a constant struggle as everything is made difficult for non-French people.
    The other thing is their cowardice – I wouldn’t be surprised if the fear of the reaction of their own French Arabs over Iraq had them wetting their pants.
    Its also probably why they attack cemeteries in the dead of night rather than insult me directly in the street.
    Still, I don’t believe they support Hussein over the US/UK for one second. They believed (stupidly) that a peaceful solution was possible, were ignored and are on the side of the innocent victims we see every day.