Advertising freedom


Advertising freedom

: The anti-war crowd, being an artsy bunch, has lots of nice graphics and posters and banners and buttons. The pro-war crowd doesn’t. It’s time to fix that. Here’s my humble (if less than artsy) contribution. Anybody want to add a banner?

: Feel free to take this humble banner.

  • Mr. Jarvis,
    May I respectfully correct you.
    The “Dissident Frogman” (a pro-American French graphic artist) has a brilliant blog with banners, buttons and Flash movies. His site is…
    I’d also like to invite you and your readers to browse my site for posters, etc.
    (If you’d like a banner or other graphic for your site, just let me know–free, of course.)

  • The Freedom to critcize Chickenhawk Republicans.
    I support the troops but not chickenhawk Republican politicians like Bush and Republican congressmen who cut benefits for veterans and the elderly, poor and disabled.
    Bush wants to install democracy in Iraq. Fine. Let him resign because he thwarted Democracy in the US by stealing the 2000 election!
    The George W Bush 2000 Stolen Election Commemorative Coin
    Profits of the sale of the coin go to charity.