Saddam: Dead or alive (?)

Saddam: Dead or alive (?)
: Since we have no idea whether Saddam is dead or alive, I think it’s time for news reports to couch couch it.

The NY Times reported today, as if they knew it happened, that “President Saddam Hussein awarded the Iraqi soldier [who killed four U.S. soldiers with a suicide bomb] two posthomous medals.”

Well, they sure didn’t see Saddam do it. They didn’t hear him do it. They accepted an Iraqi report that said he did it. And that’s what the NY Times should say.

For Saddam’s fate is now an issue. Donald Rumsfeld and Joint Chiefs Chief Richard Meyers spent the weekend on PundiTV taunting Saddam in a game of come-out-come-out-wherever-you-are (here’s the official Pentagon version of the news). They’re trying to get a message to the Iraqis that unless we see him, how do you know he’s there? And that’s a good question. It is a question.

: Update: Even his own ambaddador couches. [via Instapundit]

  • Veeshir

    Did you ever think that maybe they meant that Saddam gave the medal posthumously?

  • John Irving

    Oh god that was funny. Ow ow ow ow.
    Picturing the scene now, Saddam’s still-smoking corpse sat in an armchair with medals hung off his charred hand. One by one the soldiers walk up, bow to him, take their medals, and exit the room in grace and solemnity.
    And they are shot in the back of the head just outside the door to protect the secret that Saddam’s toast.

  • Danjo

    Dearest Mr Irving;
    What a sick and twisted imagination. Loved it. The horrible part is that it could be true>

  • Pithpott

    Well, arab TV just showed a live interview with Saddam hisself. They had the neutrality to ask him if he was indeed dead. He said, no he wasn’t, but then how can you believe these guys?

  • John Irving

    Please present link to credible source showing this clip. We anxiously await something resembling fact from any arab tv network, as so far they have born as much resemblance to reality as “Barney and Friends.”