Boycott idiots

Boycott idiots
: One of my company’s webloggers, RJ White, found a document that’s awe-inspiring in its stupidity on the AdBuster’s web site: Readers’ suggestions about how to “Boycott Brand America.” (My notes in italics):

: Now that I’m in China, I ride my bike (second hand) or walk everywhere. I don’t buy things unless I really need them (I don’t have a microwave). I live in a $100 a month apartment (even though I could afford better). I eat fresh and delicious food (I have lost over 50kgs of excess weight). And I don’t watch TV (it’s in Chinese) or read the newspaper (ignorant bliss is heaven).

So you’ve become a poor, ignorant, Communist peasant. That’s progress.

: I initiated a boycott of travel to the US last year and will continue this, along with my ongoing boycott of Starbucks…

Take that, poor South American coffee growers!

: I’m going to get a job at a Starbucks in a small town, where the majority is Republican and pro-war, and where I will suggest, generate and voice opinions of opposition to not only the people who work there, but the customers as well.

I’ll take a vente and a vent, please.

: We’re trying to shut down Ithaca, NY’s restaurant community for one night.

Saddam is grateful. The poor immigrant dishwasher is not.

: I think that I have a plan. Simply drive slowly.

Yes, and you’ll irritate the crap out of every American behind you. Why don’t you add a “Honk If You’re An American Warmonger” bumpersticker; I’ll bet you’ll smoke out lots of them.

: A friend and I sewed monopoly dollars into dresses and sat in the mall with a set of bullhorns and told people about the evils of their consumerism. One middle-aged couple got mad at us and threw their greasy McDonald’s lunches at us.

And who says fast food isn’t good for us?

: Boycott American spelling and slang.

Yes, we make royalties everytime somebody says “dude.”

: A very obvious way to hit part of the US economy is boycotting the movies.

You mean the French have to give up Jerry Lewis?