Fine, Yankee goes home

Fine, Yankee goes home
: The South Koreans are getting snarky about our presence and about our war in Iraq.

Some are making noises about taking our troops out of Korea and sending them to Iraq.

“Will General Tommy Franks suddenly `discover’ that he needs the Second Infantry Division in Iraq?” said Robyn Lim, a conservative foreign affairs professor based in Japan, referring to the front-line American troops here. “In crying `Yankee go home!’ South Koreans should have been more careful about what they asked for.”

In a poll conducted last month, a pullout of American soldiers was favored by 68.4 percent of 2,154 South Korean adults interviewed by Fn Research and Consulting, an affiliate of a business newspaper here.

We spent decades protecting South Korea from North Korea and they want us out and refuse to support our fight. We gave them our sitcoms and this is how they treat us?

Perhaps they’d prefer to starve under a nutso porno dictator.