Civilian casualties

Civilian casualties
: Denton has his dander up over Arab press “hysteria” over 15 reported civilian casualties in a Baghdad market (though it’s still not clear whether those deaths came from a U.S. missile or Iraqi anti-aircraft what-goes-up-must-come-down incidents):

Hell, 15 dead: that’s a quiet day in the Arab world. Even imagining the United States was targeting civilians, its efforts are laughable compared with Saddam — 5,000 dead in the chemical attack on Halabja in one day — or Assad — 30,000 shelled to death in Hama — or pretty much any other Arab ruler. Arab governments — and their press and public — should first practice moral judgment on themselves and eachother, before turning their outrage on the United States. And, before they complain about a new hectoring colonialism, they should first show they’re capable of governing themselves by some means other than torture and massacre.

  • Be honest, man – it is 15 dead more. With thousands of casualties in Vietnam, hundreds in Basra just some days before and so on.
    And of course – if it is 5 dead in a Jerusalem bus – it is an act of terror. But if an American fighter launchs a missile which hits a civilian district with no military target around and causes 15 dead and some hundreds injured – it is a quiet day.

  • I’ll have to babelfish that first comment to find out what it means. Till then, comfort yourself with the insight that there is no evidence that any Arabic culture produces any citizen capable of insight, personal responsibility, critical thinking skills, or respect for anything other than the boot in the face. Do what we have to do, soldier on, and to hell with their braying…