Uh-oh, quagmire time

Uh-oh, quagmire time
: The war isn’t a week old and already we’re seeing couch generals say it’s not going well.

: Reuters: At 100 Hours, Iraq War Is No Re-Run of Gulf Triumph

: Washington Post: U.S. Losses Expose Risks, Raise Doubts About Strategy

Iraqi troops and militias used ruses, ambushes and other guerrilla tactics yesterday that exploited the risks inherent in the fast-moving Pentagon war strategy, inflicting more than a score of American casualties and raising questions about how effective the U.S. approach has been in convincing Iraqi troops and civilians that President Saddam Hussein’s removal is inevitable….

“We have drawn them into a swamp, and they will never get out of it,” Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed Sahhaf declared in Baghdad.