They deserve each other

They deserve each other
: This is a confederacy of dunces that truly deserves each other:

Take Tony Perkins, the generally despised and disrespected loser from the Red Herring (boy, did I hear a lot of catty — no, angry — things about him at recent New York parties)…

Add in his overblown, thin-as-hot-air putative weblog AlwaysOn

Now take a Silicon Valley VC — what, they still exist and admit it? — named Tim Draper…

And have Draper ask for elevator pitches via weblog… and you’re sure to relive those stupid days of yesteryear once again.

Any entrepreneurs out there in the world of On that need funding? Post your elevator pitch below, and I will respond with an initial reaction. Maybe we as a blog community can all come up with the next billion dollar business plan.

Here are some ideas to play with:

* Something to compete with eBay

* Something to compete with Microsoft

* Something to compete with Oracle

* A wireless community that shares air space

* Low cost fusion

* IP telephony software applications

* Software that improves bandwidth

* Uses for a personal area network (communications earrings)

* Nanotechnology, including molecular electronics and bio-nano hybrids

* Flying cars (serioulsy – I get lots of tickets on the ground)

* Intranet applications (front office and back office automation)

* Any knowledge discovery/management applications

* Even new e-tailing concepts. You should check out Auction Drop. Drop it off and they sell it on eBay.

Is this a joke? Sadly, no. We lived through the joke. And it’s not funny anymore.

(Oh, and if you actually do have a good idea, don’t give it away on the Web.)