Posts from February 2003

A straightline looking for a

A straightline looking for a joke
: Canadian Idol. [via lizvang]

It could be worse: Zoombafloom

It could be worse
: Zoombafloom gives us a quote from Canada’s PM that makes our W sound like positively articulate:

“They say that the money that we had promised three years ago to be new money this year is no more new money. We have not paid it yet and it’s old new money versus new new monies. For me, new money is new money if paying in $5 or $10, it’s the same money.”

In Chicago?: Anybody in Chicago

In Chicago?
: Anybody in Chicago I can PayPal to send me a few editions of the two Red thing papers?

New papers: Yeah! I just

New papers
: Yeah! I just got my copy of the L.A. Examiner and aren’t you jealous. It looks great and I can’t wait to read it and give my two cents to the boys.

There’s nothing better than starting something new. Nothing.

Wimps: Continental canceled my flight

: Continental canceled my flight before there’s even an inch of snow on the ground. I will admit that this beats their usual behavior: making you get to the airport before canceling. So I sit here at 5a wearing a suit (hey, if you are a suit, wear one) with nowhere to go, like a dork. So I start reading Layne (going to an alternative newspaper convention… now that’s going to be amusing: Dr. Strangelove visits Woodstock), Welch (quoted in The Economist and proud of it), Lileks (with a picture of the prettiest Bo Peep you’ll ever see), Denton (not awake yet). It’s lonely at 5a in a suit and this is like calling friends.