French jokes

French jokes
: It’s wrong, so wrong. But I’ll confess: I went searching for jokes about the French — timely fodder that they are — and I found plenty. (Now don’t give me any hell about this or you’ll only prove the the French and those who love them are humorless. I’m just hunting down the zeitgeist, folks. And I’m finding a surprising lot of it relating to the French.)

I found some classy bon mots from a snippet of a novel at Open Brackets by Gail Armstrong (who lives in France). Our protagonist at a novelty marketing company finds America in a jingoistic fervor and so he makes a killing with timely bumper stickers [some sure to show up on CafePress any minute] including:

1. Free the cheese!

2. All we are saying is give war a chance.

3. Typical: 85% of French people say Belgians invented fries.

4. I