The people’s party

The people’s party
: Glenn Reynolds thinks that FX’s American Candidate reaches new depths of dumb in reality shows.

I say it’s brilliant. I said it before, I’ll say it again.

What this means is that a common person — one of us — will get to help set the agenda for the next presidential race. Without debt to party bosses or special interests or handlers, this person can ask the questions and make the demands we all want to make. And, inevitably, the real candidates — and what they say — will be compared to this candidate, often unfavorably.

This means that we, the people, get real represenatation in the next race. And I like that because I’m the populist.

The monkey wrench in this is, of course, the producers (and their boss), who will also try to set the agenda. There is no free lunch.

But I think American Candidate will be a good influence. It will give credence to new views. It will point out the absurdity of the real race.

And I’ll bet you today that Glenn Reynolds will frequently gleefully quote the American Candidate.