Capitalist sex: Here’s the most

Capitalist sex
: Here’s the most tortured PC-cum-puritanical argument I’ve yet seen:

The New York Times today argues that media consolidation is leading to more sex.

Extend this argument and LBOs will lead to orgasms; IPOs will lead to orgies. Well, in a sense, they did. But we won’t go there. Here’s where the Times goes.

According to a study released yesterday by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a public health organization in Los Angeles, one out of seven shows features sexual intercourse, either depicted or strongly implied.

Intercourse? Positively perverse. You got here without intercourse, didn’t you? Personally, I’m the product of imaculate conception. Aren’t you?

There is, however, a growing chorus of parents’ groups, health professionals and even government officials who say the time has come to set new limits. As the Federal Communications Commission nears a decision on whether to ease corporate ownership rules and allow further media consolidation, sex has entered the debate.

“Is there a relationship between the rising tide of indecency on the airwaves and the rising tide of industry consolidation?” Michael J. Copps, an F.C.C. commissioner, asked in a telephone interview. Mr. Copps, who wants his agency not only to write new, stricter indecency rules but also to regulate media ownership more vigilantly, said he detected a link. “It is just possible that the programs designed by advertisers to draw young eyeballs would be somewhat different if they were designed closer to the community,” he said. “When you have local ownership, you have more ability to determine what you carry.”

Let’s get this straight: Sex sells. Sex is fun. Sex is good.

Gotta problem with that? Then you’re the freak, geek.