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Freeing Iraq: A new weblog

Freeing Iraq
: A new weblog on Germany’s view of America and vice versa, Amiland, finds this eloquent quote:

At a ceremony on Sunday, Paul Spiegel — the president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany — criticized the German government’s position on Iraq. “One can’t be a priori against war,” he declared. “The concentration camps weren’t freed by demonstrators.”

One more thing… Your blood

One more thing… Your blood type, please
: Glenn Reynolds whines about sites requiring registration. I agree. He’s not saying it’s all bad; he understands we folks have to make the money to buy our suits; he’s primarily complaining about sites that ask you two dozen dumb questions (to which you will give two dozen lying replies) and then still give you a bad site. When you get right down to it, some sites need to know just a kernel of information to serve ads more efficiently (and thus make money). A local site needs to know where you’re from (thus what content and ads you need to see). A b-to-b site wants to know that you’re in the industry. A little goes a long way.

The reviews are in: The

The reviews are in
: The LA Examiner, from Ken Layne, Matt Welch, Dick Riordan, et al, got a good review from its whipping boy, the LATimes:

Graphically, the new weekly’s 52-page prototype is a handsome, highly readable package with a promising and intelligently arranged editorial format….

Taken as a whole, the Los Angeles Examiner wants to be something novel in the alternative press, what might be called the voice of the beleaguered former majority, an insurgent establishment.

Dear Scumbucket,: Former TV critic

Dear Scumbucket,
: Former TV critic Gary Deep is selling celebrity letters to him on eBay. But it’s a real D-list list — all Chicago radio “personalities,” like Larry Lujack.

I can beat that from my days as a TV Critic at People, TV Guide, and Entertainment Weekly.

I have hate mail from Bill Cosby. He hated it when I said his sitcom went downhill and he regularly sent nya-nya mail.

I have a whining letter from Alan Thicke begging me to lay off him; must have been his therapist’s idea.

I have a letter from Pat Sajak pissed off that I didn’t like what they’d done to Wheel of Fortune.

I have thank-you notes from Rosanne [Barr]; surprised she’s so well-mannered.

And I have a nice letter from David Letterman, thanking me for my support, signed, “Your friend, Dave.”

Sorry, not for sale.

But I will be happy to sell you autographed first editions of Entertainment Weekly. I’ll sell you lots of EW launch swag.

And I’ll sell you that hat (below) worn by a former TV critic who may look down on his luck — bad enough to sell old letter from the star — but isn’t… yet. [via Romenesko]

Pop culture jury psychographics: They’re

Pop culture jury psychographics
: They’re doing strange things to pick juries these days:

: A friend tells me his panel for a criminal case was asked what bumperstickers they had on their cars. American flag? Fine. Police Benevolent Association sticker? Defense says, good-bye.

: In a New Jersey criminal trial, the defense laywer wanted to ask prospective jurors whether they listened to Howard Stern. He didn’t want any Stern fans on his jury. The judge said he couldn’t do that.

: The judge did, however, allow the lawyer to ask whether jurors watched CSI or NYPD Blue.