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The reign of the stupid:

The reign of the stupid
: As it turns out, the biggest loss in the history of American business and the worst deal in the history of American business and the fall that will mark the end of an era in American business — the vaporizing of the bubble that symbolized the previous era — are not the result of vain greed, as we’ve been saying about Silicon (Death) Valley. No, AOL Time Warner was the result of stupidity, plain, old, simple, avoidable stupidity. It was stupid to think that AOL was going to keep growing. It was stupid to believe that AOL was making as much money as they said. It was stupid of AOL to mistreat its customers for so long. It was stupid of Time Warner to think that its customers would give an F about a holding pen for its brands called Pathfinder, which resulted in the strategic panic and aggressive stupidity that led to the AOL deal. It was incredibly, terribly, destructively, monumentally, historically, shamefully stupid to let themselves be bought by AOL. It was just plain stupid, that’s all. At least the greedy fools of Silicon Valley were smart. The fools of AOL Time Warner were just dumb.

Free!” I just signed up

” I just signed up for a free trial subscription to the LA Examiner. You should, too.

Naked Canadians, pasty white: Marc

Naked Canadians, pasty white
: Marc Weisblott sends us news of more naked Canadians (following word that Naked News will air on Canadian TV): An almost-naked cooking show:

There’s a new show on the block that promises to entertain as well as…enlighten. Enter the world of cooking with two pairs of chefs, Murray Bancroft & Dena Ashbaugh and Gennaro Iorio & Eva DeViveiros, who will alternate hosting duties each week. Clad only in “strategically placed” aprons, they’ll explore the relationship between sex and food in a playful, sexy, adult way — Food as Aphrodisiacs, Breakfast in Bed for Two (or More), Dinner as Foreplay…it’s all here. Move over Emeril!

Pass me the oysters.

: And through this, I learned that Canada has a SexTV cable channel. Who’dathunkit?

The new boss: An interview

The new boss
: An interview with the new boss at, Dean Wright: More broadband, more useful news; smart on both counts.

Gray on gray on


Gray on gray on gray
: A New York winter day.

: A very nice photolog from Germany (don’t worry about translating; it’s all about the photos. Just click on anything that says “mehr” or “weiter”; that means more).