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Lending libraries, via mail: The

Lending libraries, via mail
: The Netflix model is spreading — that is, the borrow-something-through-the-mail-and-never-pay-late-fees model. Lots of people tell Matt Haughey about such services for games. And Booksfree is a similar service for books (I just got that for my father for his birthday… today… happy birthday, Pa!). Is there such a service for music?

I can’t think of any other recyclable-consumables that would lend themselves to this model (I’ll use a hammer for two weeks and then send it back?)

Note that all of these can be replaced easily by digital delivery. They are only temporary consumer reactions to the inconvenience and high price of acquiring these things at retail today.

Or like a Big Mac

Or like a Big Mac without the special sauce
: Industrial Technology and Witchcraft says (complaining about William Gibson’s linkless blog):

Ein Blog ohne Links ist wie ein Butterbrot ohne Wurst.”


A blog without links is like a roll without sausage.

Blogging for fun (and profit):

Blogging for fun (and profit)
: A good story about trying to make blogging profitable in the Guardian. Focuses on Denton and Copeland. Quotes me. (For folks coming across the ocean from the Guardian, if you’re curious about the reference to video blogs, click here.)

: It has become tradition among bloggers who are interviewed (as if that were not ego gratification enough) to put up the entire transcript of the interview. Now just the other day, I poo-pooed a journalist putting up all his interviews, arguing that the value he added was NOT overloading us like that. But who am I to sabotage tradition? If you care — and you shouldn’t, really, you shouldn’t — you can click on the “more” link below (for those reading a direct link to a post on the archives page, just scroll past all this blather):


Priorities, people!: The Bloggies “controversy”

Priorities, people!
: The Bloggies “controversy” is getting out of hand. I just thought they were lame, that’s all.

Warblogs, the sequel: Glenn Reynolds

Warblogs, the sequel
: Glenn Reynolds gives you a terrific warblogroll as we roll into battle, at