Zeitgeist yourself: Yesterday (below) I

Zeitgeist yourself
: Yesterday (below) I asked Google to let us query its database of queries to find out what the people want to find out, to do our own zeitgeist, about anything, anywhere, anyzeit.

Aaron Bailey at 601am did the ingenious thing and used Google’s adwords calculator to do almost that.

He found:

: Glenn Reynolds: 0.2 clicks/day

: Jeff Jarvis: 0.2 clicks/day (wow, I’m tied!)

: Sex: 16,000 clicks/day (oh, well)

: I think this leads to a new Google game: Zeitgeist yourself. How many people look for you or your hot topics per day?

(You have to go through the pain of creating your own ad and then putting in keywords but it doesn’t take long. Tips: calculate on all languages, all countries and up the cost-per-click or else anything having to do with sex will go off the charts.)

: I looked for some more:

: Jarvis: 48 (pretty good; nevermind how many are looking for Jarvis Cocker)

: Denton: 39 (I’m feeling cocky)

: Reynolds: 130 (Oh, well)

: McDonalds: 120

: Burger King: 45

No wonder BK just sold for only $1.5 billion

: Stern: 250

: Imus: 12

: Grodin: 1.1

The king of all media beats all rivals

: New Jersey: 650

: New York: 1,100

: California: 4,800

Where the googlers live or want to visit

: Blog: 65

Not as high in the zeitgeist as you would have thought, eh?

: Jennifer Lopez: 1,500

: Jennifer Lopez ass: 7.5

I’m so proud of mankind

: Ass: 1,100

: Porn: 3,900

: Nude: 11,000

Oh, well. At least this means Nick Denton is onto something with his sex blog.