Who’s Googling me? Who’s Googling

Who’s Googling me? Who’s Googling what? Who’s Googling whom?
: I wish I could query Google’s data base of queries — that is, who’s Googling what and how often? This comes to mind not only because of the Google Zeitgeist, but also because, last night, I was cleaning out a bunch of too-old files in the basement, throwing away mentions and mementos of long-long friends and I started Googling them. I wonder wonder who else is Googling them. I wonder how many are Googling me? I wonder what people are Googling — not only in terms of top searches but also in terms of more specific searches. We bloggers all delight at our search-term log entries. Oh, to get our hands on Google’s. There is incredible value there to tap into the marketplace’s curiosities. Please, Google, can I have that for my birthday?

Long lost
: As I went through those old boxes of old friends, I was also amazed at how much we all wrote letters back then (and just because my beard is white, it doesn’t mean it was that long ago); more letters from more people (and thus to them) than I had any recollection. Obviously, times have changed but some things stay the same: Young people correspond. We used to do it in letters. They do it today in IM and email.