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If only geeks loved Linotypes:

If only geeks loved Linotypes
: Textism gives us Textile, a tool to sand and polish the rough edges of Web typography. It will:

: Replace single and double primes (‘ and “) used as quotation marks with HTML entities for opening and closing quotation marks (

Gizmodo withdrawl: With Gizmodo on

Gizmodo withdrawl
: With Gizmodo on a vacation, I have to get my gadget fix wherever I can. Here are the latest new toys from Japan [via Lost Remote, a site that keeps getting better and better]: an in-car computer, colorful Exlim cameras, a mobile-phone-come-cell-phone,

I want my Lileks TV!:

lileks.jpg I want my Lileks TV!
: And this is what it will look like (from James’ natty new design).

Note that Glenn Reynolds has joined the chorus chanting:
I want my LTV!

Bandwidth constipation: If you’re trying

Bandwidth constipation
: If you’re trying to watch a vlog, please use this link to see the WTC or Media/Weblog 2002 vlogs. Those are on the Sony Screenblast server. The links on my server reach a crawl if too many people try to watch at the same time (and so I temporarily disable them until things return to a normal flow).

Which leads me to this:

HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can host Windows Media Player files for a good price (starting bid: free)?

Second question: Does it make a big difference that I do not have a Windows Media server; I only put one copy of the file on my server. I’m assuming that a Windows Media server allows more simultaneous users and makes more efficient use of bandwidth. I have no desire to get a Windows Media server myself (expecially since my host is all Unix and Windows Media doesn’t work on Unix… of course). But I’m assuming that if I use hosting at a facility that has the Windows Media server, the bandwidth constipation won’t be so severe. Am I stupid?

: Update: For now, I am going to host all my vlogs at Sony Screenblast, which is a generous service (even if the navigation is slightly rococo). This address should work:

Bloggerazzi: David Galbraith defends the

: David Galbraith defends the future of vlogs and invents a new word along the way:

Now imagine an SMS to blog gateway and a picture weblog posting pictures of celebrities snapped by passers by. Ubiquitous digital cameras and simple publishing will give way to a new type of Bloggerazzi – celebrities beware.

Right. Tie mobile publishing tools — text and photos — with mob technology — such as UPOC‘s cellular celebrity sightings — and you have a publicist’s nightmare.