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Iranian blog: Thanks to the

Iranian blog
: Thanks to the Blogtalk conference upcoming in Vienna, here is a blog on Iran by an Iranian in Canada: In English or Farsi.

Babe compass: Shift magazine crashes

Babe compass
: Shift magazine crashes a few MeetUp meets in Toronto (ending up at least hopeful about this attempt to get us bandwidth buddies, we strangers in the light, to actually see and hear and not just read each other) and finds a curious benefit to having a sign in a bar that points to bloggers, this way:

At this point, two young women in bicycle gear approach our table. The word “blog,” with its amputated-portmanteau quality, has piqued their interest. “What’s a blogger?” Needless to say, a lengthy explanation follows.

After they walk off, Tim remarks, “This sign is a real chick magnet.”…

Tim then goes out for a smoke. As the door closes behind him, another young woman approaches our table to ask what a blogger is. I shake my head, thinking to myself, “Damn, what if this thing really is a chick magnet?”

: Note, too, that Canada’s New York has a Toronto webloggers weblog and they use this as an excuse to get together. Hmmm. Shouldn’t New York’s New York have such a thing? Or is that Gawker? Then shouldn’t there be meet-ups of Gawkers (or are we Gawkerites)?

: Toronto also has a restaurant blog: EatMyToronto. I’m jealous.

: And a subway blog, too.

GO… to hell: When you’re

GO… to hell
: When you’re driving with your EZ-Pass in New Jersey and you see the sign tell you to “GO,” you’d think you know what that means, eh? But you don’t. “GO” means something’s wrong and you may be getting a ticket; “GO” means it’s screwed up but you should just go anyway and we’ll harass you later; “GO” means just “don’t stop.” Welcome to the frightening mind of a New Jersey DMV bureaucrat. From today’s Star-Ledger at

Now that you have all

Now that you have all this type, what do you want to do with it?
: Dean Allen, the man who brought you Textile (below), also brings you a fine weblog called Textism. It’s kinda sorta like y’know Lileks with a Canadian accent (I think) and a French attitude (though this guy abhors Lileks: Mr. Matter, meet Mr. Antimatter). Very good reading, in any case:

A clement Sunday morning paired with the approaching end of hunting season means there

More font fun: I’m finding

More font fun
: I’m finding neat sites about typography via German weblogs (some Linotype nostalgia and Textile, both below). Here, via ein Blog, is font(p)age, a quick history of technology and type.