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Smells like a weblog: The

Smells like a weblog
: The Independent [via IWantMedia] predicts a future of disconnected media.

The concept of “a publication” may be obsolete in the ubiquitous information age. The current model assumes you pick your favourite newspaper, buy a small selection of regular magazines, tune in to a favourite station. But technology is going to make it easier to assemble your newspaper from multiple sources, or plan a video viewing sequence that is unpredictable. The mass market may soon be impossible to locate.

Familiar, eh?

I was just thinking that….:

I was just thinking that….
: But Pete Rojas said it first at Gizmodo: When is somebody going to create a TiVo for radio?

It can be damned cheap: doesn’t need lots of disk-space, for audio takes up less space — and radio has less worth recording.

My list:

1. Howard Stern every day.

2. Kurt Anderson’s Studio 360.

And that’s about that.

Can some smart geek just create simple radio tuner that can record and convert signals at given times and given frequencies to MP3s so I can take them on the road?

That’s what I want for Christmas.

Smart (though half-naked) mobs: Germans

Smart (though half-naked) mobs
: Germans used the Internet to start a grass-roots campaign (or national practical joke) with thousands set to send the shirt of their back to Chancellor Gerhard Schr