Remember the Seinfeld wheelchair episode

Remember the Seinfeld wheelchair episode when George…?
: The most entertaining story I’ve read in ages: A shoplifter in a wheelchair leads a low-speed chase from the scene of the crime in Norway.

A wheelchair-bound woman didn’t let her handicap hinder her escape after she was spotted shoplifting in a western Norwegian town Monday. She simply gave full power to her motorized wheelchair and sped off, crashing through a glass door and literally shaking off pursuers along the way.

Shocked witnesses at the Co-op grocery store in Sandnes, outside Stavanger, described the incident as a scene taken right out of a Hollywood action film….”I managed to catch up with her and grabbed onto the chair’s handles, but could only hang on for 100 meters or so,” Nes told newspaper VG. “She sharply turned the chair and we nearly crashed into a car. I fell off and couldn’t take any more.”

Three other employees continued the chase, which moved on from the parking lot to a busy city street. “She was driving like a maniac,” said Asle Hellvik. “When she headed out into the street against a red light, several cars had to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting her.”

Guess who won…