Use this link: I moved

Use this link
: I moved the video file to a different service (a free trial at (thank you very much!).

Try this link: WTC designs video. (Alternate on my server here.)

And here is the Christmas-tree video. (Alternate on my server here).

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: Update: I got so hammered by bandwidth drain that I couldn’t update the site and when I tried, I repeated this same post a half-dozen times as if in a stuttering panic. Live and learn. I’ll play with bandwidth fixes later.

: Well, it took me just one day to exceed my free-trial bandwidth at So try the second links above. But be gentle.

Further update
: So I was allotted 425mb of bandwidth for a month. I used 1,500mb in a day. Thus, the account was closed; the links above are dead.

: Nevermind the alternative links above; I’ve corrected the links below.