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The nonstory: What a crock

The nonstory
: What a crock today’s NY Times delivers: A story that tries to trot out page 476 from the journalism cliche book and relate it to blogs: Are blogs male-dominated?

That kind of quotathink does not work here for two simple reasons:

(1) Anyone of any gender who wants to start a blog can. Nobody will stop them. So you can’t argue that some bigger power structure — blog executives, the old blog boys club — is stopping them. The only thing stopping nonbloggers from blogging is themselves. That, after all, is the whole point of this new medium: It’s anybody’s. It’s everybody’s.

(2) There are many, many great women bloggers. I don’t need to start listing them. You know them.

Even the writer has to admit that there is no frigging point to her story: “But women are, in fact, blogging in big numbers.”

So why write it? Why print it? Just because it fits?

: Says Frankenstein in the comments: “I think that the writer just wanted to increase her hits.” My, how cynical. How true.

: Glenn Reynolds (who corrected my grammar with a discreet elipses… I just corrected my almost-a-double-negative myself) says I may be a bit tough on the Times story, but then he takes them to task for not interviewing more women, since there are many hereabouts.

: Want women? Try Elizabeth Spiers, Meg Hourigan, Moira Breen, Asparagirl, Jane Galt, Andrea Harris, Natalie Solent, Amy Langfield, Kathy Shaidle, Emmanuelle Richard, Joanne Jacobs, Denise Howell, Rebecca Blood, Janice Abrahams, HolyWeblog, Amy Welborn, lots o’ libertarians, Lynn Sislo, Rossi, Moxie, Dawn Olsen, Jenny the librarian, Shiloh Bucher, Gillian Hadley, most of the Kitchen Cabinet, and the woman behind MSNBC’s Weblogs, Joan Connell, just to name a few.

: Want to talk quotas? How come there aren’t more middle-aged men here? Everytime I talk to bloggers, I feel old. There has to be a law against that.

The war begins: So now

The war begins
: So now it appears that bin Laden has made his first direct attacks on Israelis.

Well watch your ass, sandman: the Israelis will take no prisoners; they will get you.

Hitchens v. Kissinger: I’ve been

Hitchens v. Kissinger
: I’ve been amazed at how little fuming I’ve heard over the appointment of Henry Kissinger to the commission to look into our Sept. 11 security vulnerabilities.

Then came Hitch:

The Bush administration has been saying in public for several months that it does not desire an independent inquiry into the gross “failures of intelligence” that left U.S. society defenseless 14 months ago. By announcing that Henry Kissinger will be chairing the inquiry that it did not want, the president has now made the same point in a different way….

There is a tendency, some of it paranoid and disreputable, for the citizens of other countries and cultures to regard President Bush’s “war on terror” as opportunist and even as contrived. I myself don’t take any stock in such propaganda. But can Congress and the media be expected to swallow the appointment of a proven coverup artist, a discredited historian, a busted liar, and a man who is wanted in many jurisdictions for the vilest of offenses? The shame of this, and the open contempt for the families of our victims, ought to be the cause of a storm of protest.

:Mickey Kaus turns this into a duet (will it soon be a chorus?):

:Even if Bush wanted a whitewash, he could’ve picked a better whitewasher than Kissinger — at least if Bush wanted a whitewash that’s actually believed. …

: A double dose of Hitch at Slate today:

In most obvious ways, the term “anti-American” is as meaningless or absurd as the accusation “un-American” used to be.

Canux redux: Zach of Zoombafloom

Canux redux
: Zach of Zoombafloom has a fine response to my post re Canada below.

What’s wrong with media today:

What’s wrong with media today
: If you want to know what’s wrong with old/big media, just watch TV news over a holiday weekend. It’s all so perfectly predictable that you could write it all before seeing it, any of you could. And we’re not just talking about dinky local stations; the Today Show is just as bad: Let’s go to the airport and have some poor if overpaid shmuck stand there and say the same stuff all over again about the busiest day for travel and how you should get there early and what the price of gas is and how many will die on the highways and how Sunday will be worse and….

When I worked on newspapers, I long wanted to declare just one day in which all stories would (a) not come from flacks and (b) not come from predictable formulas. Just one day.