Sex, sex, sex: Durex surveys

Sex, sex, sex
: Durex surveys the world re sex. Results:

: The French say they have sex more often than anybody. Quel surprise! That’s 167 times a year for the f’ing frogs vs. 138 for average Americans vs. 110 for the Singaporians, at the bottom of the list.

: Norwegians are the most likely to have sex on the first date (32%). To keep warm, I’m sure.

: Norwegians also win when it comes to one-night stands: 72% vs. 70% for South Africans vs. only 20% for Taiwanites (or whatever you call them).

: Stick to Norway; stay away from Sweden. Swedes have more unprotected sex: 61% admit to it (v. 35% of Americans and only 22% of the f’ing frogs).