The law: I’m off to

The law
: I’m off to the much-anticipated Revenge of the Blog conference at Yale Friday.

I spent the day with lawyers today (personal business). And at the risk of insulting tomorrow’s audience, I came away glad that I never did do what I planned to do with my life: I was going to be a lawyer. I respect the intellectual rigor of it. But sitting in the waiting room, I felt as if I were in a sad oncologist’s office: nobody was there because they wanted to be there. And after spending hours with the attorneys getting good and necessary advice, I came to see that lawyers spend their lives trying — often futilely — to protect us from man’s bad behavior.

I’m going to spend much of my time tomorrow giving my populist rant (as in, that’s why I love blogs so much: they give the audience, the people, a voice). And so I wonder whether it’s easy to be an ardent populist when you spend your days watching out for the worst in your fellow man.

I’m sure some Yale student far smarter than me will give me an answer.